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    YakuZa Vs SeC 20.1.2009 WoN!!


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    YakuZa Vs SeC 20.1.2009 WoN!!

    Post  ¥|»Çöçâíñë« on Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:09 pm

    YakuZa Team:
    3_Whitey(played in 2nd round)

    SeC Team:
    3_Viper(played in 2nd round)

    Well, we played 2 rounds..First round it was 2 vs 2 me and BesT..2nd was 3 vs 3..but Viper dropped ..whinning about lag even though he had 90 ping?..wow lag and i had 230 ping and i never whined about it ... They dropped at the last 5 mins...!.. I thought only BBC dropp in middle of war!
    I THOUGHT WRONG ! lolz ...

    1st round (A_Bomb 15 min) 4+

    2nd round (Foodwall 15 min) 39+...Well they didn't finish the 15 min and they didn't want to continue 2 vs 2

    GG BesT and Whitey Wink

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