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    Most Wanted Opponents of YakuZa Clan


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    Most Wanted Opponents of YakuZa Clan

    Post  ¥|.:i!Zi:. on Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:12 pm

    ------------------------------------------------------ ~ ¥akuZa ~ -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    --------------------------------------------------------- ~ Clan ~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Here are the most respected opponents of ¥akuZa. If your clan is not in the list, reasons can be some of listen below:

    - You are not a clan. Only a team or a couple days squad which will fall down sooner or later
    - You lack in skills
    - You are suspected of hacking


    XYB - Xyborgs. Slovakian Clan. Real hardasses with some lethal teamworks and precise timed spawnings. *Defeated*

    NO1 - Sweden. Yeh, SWE vs. FIN how we all just love the battle. Superior teamwork.

    aS - All Stars Pro Pwn Pro Best Clan. Need more adjectives Question

    vRs - Good Clan with skilled members when active..

    CST - Covert Swat Team. Challenge 'em. Catch 'em. Out take 'em. *Defeated*

    GW - Greek Warriors. Respectful clan with skilled members. *Defeated*

    SOF - Soldiers of Fear. Nice clan with good members. *Defeated*

    SOD - Squadron of Death. Nice clan with good members. *Defeated*

    ------------------------------------------------------ ~ -------------------------------------------------------------


    No hard opponents at the moment

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