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    Ranks and Rights of ¥akuZa


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    Ranks and Rights of ¥akuZa Empty Ranks and Rights of ¥akuZa

    Post  ¥|.:i!Zi:. on Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:51 am

    -~- The Family, Organization -~-

    |Oyabun| Clan Leader, Boss Arrow Can Promote & Demote + Can kick from clan

    |CoN| Arrow + Consigliere Can Promote Members to SuperAdmin + Can kick all below Super Admin from clan

    |ShaTei| Arrow + SA Rights + WebAdminship + Access to SA Forum + Can arrange CW's + Can recruit for |Trial|

    |KyoDai| Arrow + Admin Rights + Access to Admin Forum + Can Arrange FW's + Allowed to build up a ¥|DUO

    |KoBun| Arrow Allowed to spec/view in servers + Access to members forum.

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