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    Yakuza vs Kos13 18.4.2009 WON


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    Yakuza vs Kos13 18.4.2009 WON

    Post  ¥|»Çöçâíñë« on Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:45 pm

    Yakuza Team:


    Kos13 Team:

    NoSkilLleuSe (Not real name, it was Angerfist and some1 else, dont remember)

    -Awesome game with Evil. Teamwork was very good, we took it easy after first, what was tight. Ofcourse Kos13 was hard opponent, ESL rules, we camped alot, with good nadings and with those we started to get points Very Happy I love u Evil! Our teamwork is awesome :hump:





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