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    ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011


    Male Age : 32

    ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  ¥|Serialtazer on Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:42 pm

    Ages i didnt play 2v2 XD

    Was nice game gg all

    Bummy and me


    Mad and Andrei

    Round 1


    Round 2


    Round 3


    Round 4


    Good job

    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  Bummy on Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:44 pm

    serial taser do me 1 favor , STOPPP CAMPPPPPPP .... ´´ YKZ STYLE IS CAMP ´´ BUMMY AND SERIAL PLAY AND STOP CAMP PLZZZZZ..... !!!!!!

    Male Age : 32

    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  ¥|Serialtazer on Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:46 pm

    What about tactical wait xD

    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  Bummy on Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:56 pm

    look how angry can be of 1 war Very Happy --> all game was played nice and rushy and its ended in 3rd round. 79Th was angry and start to cry ´´ STOP CAMP, ITS ALWAYS YKZ STYLE CAMPP , YKZ ONLY SPAWN NO SKILL ETC.´´ and now next one o_O . Really sorry if we hurted u .

    [17:52] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: lol dont make big text Very Happy
    [17:52] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: im lazy to read Very Happy
    [17:52] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: i am not wasting by writting on morons forum
    [17:52] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: fucking retard
    [17:52] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: alright Very Happy
    [17:53] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: say me what is ur problem ??
    [17:53] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: u fucking cant play
    [17:53] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: i wanted to have fun
    [17:53] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: o_O
    [17:53] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: we played normal
    [17:53] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: but 2 morons camped all round and they still won hardly bcz they arrested afk and played 10 min 1 v 2
    [17:53] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: gg
    [17:53] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: arrest afk Very Happy ?
    [17:53] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: who arrest afk
    [17:53] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: say me
    [17:54] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: i was afk many times
    [17:54] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: 10min 1v2 Very Happy ?
    [17:54] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: huahawhaw
    [17:54] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: ye
    [17:54] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: we didnt arrest u
    [17:54] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: i didnt played in 3rd round
    [17:54] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: we even didnt kill u
    [17:54] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: i was afkkkkk
    [17:54] ¥ ¦ Raphiii^^: yayayayayaa
    [17:54] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: in spawns
    [17:54] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: zzzz
    [17:54] Nıтяøυś|andreisuba: please stfu

    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  Bummy on Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:09 pm

    they hardly beat us but....

    1.they are fucking morons who cant play normaly:they must end game while we are arresting them
    2.in 3rd round i didnt played bcz my keybord was not working....np they hardcore camped(more that nooooooobs from 1.0 who try to play in 1.1) and they arrested me and spawned us(so this is how they won).they hardly beat 79 who played alone

    So all should know yakuza style.....when they are getting owned they will just camp and pray only 1 to play for other team and they will arrest afk and spawn just to win!

    ------ me quoto andrei lil bit -----------

    1. yes i ended for fun on first round but we said +5 for us
    2. no one didnt camped, no one didnt arrest u if u was afk . i taked serialtazer to game who havent play 2v2 for years, this score would be more but he didnt know spawns in wp , ofc its hard to play against us if my partner is lost his 2v2 tactic + it was my second war in this week .

    at end... hahahahha u just showed or dumbass u can be , u are only moron who is praying for win and if u cant beat then try to get some stupid excuses , if u lose then lose like man not like girl ,

    in 3rd if we was suspects ofc i said to serialtazer to take tempo down lil bit cuz if we die, its over . but u even didnt made 1 spawn cuz u even didnt had a chance , we only killed ur ass and ur angry mate 79Th ... if u cant spawn --> blowperkele add.

    Male Age : 25

    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  ¥|Smile on Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:51 pm

    k i can agree on 1 thing with nrs about this war.
    from scores it seems like it was a bit campy game but not nearly as much as theyre saying.
    stuff like "not camp it was hardcore camp!!" doesnt seem to be truth while seeing these pics.
    also what andrei said "we owned em in wp easily" hmm. +13 per round doesnt seem too much like easy owning.

    "they will just camp and pray only 1 to play for other team and they will arrest afk" -andrei

    are u serious? >.<
    we play wars to pray other team goes afk so we can own em? jeez.
    + seems like ure blaming us for ur being afk.
    and u said "i was afk when u spawned us so u cant arrest me" god damn?

    i dont wanna take too much part in this shit but i was bringing out some facts based on screens and some things u said.

    so no insults in my post or escalading this thing so i can ask u to do the same pls?

    ps. seri won???? WTF

    Female Age : 25

    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  TmoN on Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:44 pm

    4th round pwnage haha
    gg seri di mama <3

    Male Age : 33

    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  ¥|Perkele on Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:44 pm

    Haha as i saw these recent wars created some nice hate between people. and as much as i enjoy it, eventually you will just keep talking and talking without doing any physical damage to eachothers, its boring.

    So just avoid playing with them.

    Oh, what the hell. Fuel For Hatred


    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

    Post  Vierailija on Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:52 am

    i guess every1 with some brains can judge it properly :uff:
    stupid burritos >.>
    zhyzhyzhy yakuza style Question -.- seriii came out of nowhere after a year without gaming and won-THIS HAD TO HURT Sad feel compassion

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    Re: ykz vs NrS WON 21/01/2011

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