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    ¥aKuZa VS |L2P| 19.11.2008 202-135 WON


    Male Age : 28

    ¥aKuZa VS |L2P| 19.11.2008 202-135 WON

    Post  ¥|»Çöçâíñë« on Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:15 pm

    Yakuza Team :

    |L2P| Team :

    1.st Map Food Wall

    2.nd Map A-Bomb

    3.rd Map Food Wall

    4.th Map Food Wall

    5.th Map Food Wall

    Comment :
    Nice playing Coca in those 2 first rounds but then i had to go eat Sad but i see you did good work with Dino too Smile so good job both Smile lets see more these Clan Wars in future and win them with good team work Smile

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