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    Yakuza vs BBC 02.04.09 WON


    Male Age : 28

    Yakuza vs BBC 02.04.09 WON

    Post  ¥|»Çöçâíñë« on Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:51 pm

    Yakuza team:

    RaphaeL^^ & Criminal

    BBC team:


    1 round lose -15

    (no pic)

    2 round +35


    Server lagged much...
    they left middle of the second round when we went to lead the game. I think high rankers should think about them to ban etc...Becouse they are insulting everyone and thinks they are that bests and pros or whatever...
    Exemple yesterday when i played alone swat whit another nick (pohuist Very Happy ) Then they teamkilled me out of reason and said me noob. Then i changed my nick for real and they geted insulted me more and more. I know as much 1.0 clans dont like this clan and i think we should do something with em too. Arrow

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